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Computers, Copiers, Fax, etc.


We have 14 computers available for public access: 9 on the main level, including two dedicated library catalog computers, and 3 in the Children's room,  No login is required and there is no time limit for using computers at our library.

Out-of-town visitors or guests are welcome!

Time is limited to one consecutive hour per day , to ensure fair accessibility.  Users may request a second hour - for a maximum of two consecutive hours - if no one is waiting.  Please read our Internet Use Policy.
We do our best to keep these computers up and running well. However, computer hardware does break, and computer software does get corrupted especially in a public environment. Our staff can solve basic computer-related problems and will try to help within the time constraints imposed by their reference responsibilities but they cannot teach you how to use the computers or troubleshoot applications.


We have a black and white copier. They print traditional 8×11 and 8×14-inch copies. Pricing information coming soon. The copier has been provided by a generous donation of the Friends of the Rockport Public Library and proceeds benefit the library.

Fax Machine

Our fax machine is on the main level, near the Circulation desk. It is available for public use. Ask library staff if you need any help. 

The charge is $1.00 per page to send and 50 cents a page to receive. There is no charge for a cover page. 

The number for our fax machine is 978-546-1011.

Microfilm Reader

Our microfilm reader is available for public use in the Rockport Room (archives). You are welcome to bring your own microfilm.


We have two black-and-white public access printers and one that can print color. The black-and-white print-outs are .10 cents a sheet and color print-outs are .25 each. If you need any help printing, just ask our library staff.

We do not currently have the ability to print from personal devices. You can also save your files to a flash drive or other form of personal storage and use one of our public access computers to print.


We have a scanner on the main level. Please ask at the Information desk if you need help using the scanner.

There is no charge for scanning at our library.

Wireless Internet

Wireless coverage is available throughout the library building and outside garden areas for properly equipped laptops. The WiFi network provides free open internet access via a Comcast broadband internet connection. Users must know how to operate their own wireless device and maintain current antivirus/personal firewall protection on all their wireless devices. WiFi poses the same risks to your personal information that a wired network poses, as well as some new risks. WiFi users need to educate themselves about these risks and take steps to secure their personal information.

Using wireless access

  • Use the default Internet browser settings on your device.

  • Network name is Rockport Public

  • Downloading large files such as music and movies is prohibited due to bandwidth limitations.

  • Please note that the Library cannot assist you with your laptop, card or configuration.