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The Rockport Room

Motif #1 The Rockport Room, which is located on the lower level, contains the library's local history collection. Items of interest include:

  • books, maps, and articles about people and places in Rockport
  • a collection of books by local authors
  • genealogies of local families
  • vital records and other genealogical resources

The Rockport Room is staffed by volunteers and is open on Mondays from 1:00 - 8:00 p.m. Resource materials must be used in the Rockport Room only. The following is a sampling of what this collection contains:


Commonwealth History of Massachusetts, Albert Bushnell Hart, ed., 1927

Dogtown a village lost in time, Thomas Dresser, 1995

Essex County Census 1790

Finnish Genealogy Research,T. Vincent, R. Tapio, 1995

Genealogical Guide to Early Settlers of America,Henry Whitimore

Heart of Cape Ann, Story of Dogtown,Charles Edward Mann, 1896

History of Essex County, Massachusetts, C. Tracy, W. Graves, H. Batchelder, 1878

History of Essex, Mass., D. Hamilton Hurd, 1888

History of Gloucester, James R. Pringle, 1892 and other editions

History of Massachusetts in the Civil War, William Schouler, 1871

History of Massachusetts, the Commonwealth Period, John Stetson Barry, 1857

History of Massachusetts, the Provincial Period, John Stetson Barry, 1856

History of Middlesex County, Mass., Vol. 1 & 2, Samuel Adams Drake, 1880

History of Saugus, Massachusetts, Edith Rutledge Atherton, 1915

History of the 26th Yankee Division 1917-19 & 1941-45

History of the Granite Industry of New England, Vol. 1 & 2,Arthur W. Brayley, 1913

History of the Town of Gloucester, John J. Babson, 1860 and other editions

History of the Town of Rockport, Lemuel Gott, M.D., 1888

Ipswich and the Mass. Bay Colony, 1633-1700 and 1700-1917,Thomas Franklin Waters, 1917

John Howland, Vol. 1 & 2, Elizabeth Pearson White, 1990

Mass. Militia Companies and Officers, Stowe-Hambrick, 1976

Mass. Officers and Soldiers in the 1755-1756 (French & Indian War),D. K. Goss, D. Zarowin, 1985

Mass. Officers and Soldiers in the 17th Century Conflicts,Carole Doreski, 1982

Mass. Officers and Soldiers, 1702-1722 and 1723-1743, Mary E. Donahue, 1982

Mass. Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War,1896

Mass. Soldiers in the French/Indian Wars, 1748-1763,Robert E. MacKay, 1978

Mass. Soldiers, Sailors, Marines in the Civil War, 1931- 1937

Massachusetts on the Sea, 1630-1930, 1930

Minutemen and Mariners, true tales of New England, Charles F. Haywood, 1963

Municipal History of Essex County Mass., Vol. 1-4,Benjamin F. Arrington, 1922

Old Castle - Pigeon Cove, Mass., A. Chamberlain, T. Williams, 1939

Old Marblehead Sea Captains &the Ships They Sailed, Benjamin J. Lindsey, 1915

Old Paths and Legends of New England by Katharine M. Abbott, 1903

Old Seaport Towns of New England, Hildegarde Hawthorne, 1916

Pigeon Cove - Its Early Settlers and Their Farms, Allen Chamberlain, 1940

Pigeon Cove and Vicinity,Henry C. Leonard, 1873

Planters of the Commonwealth, Charles E. Banks, 1930

Polk's Directories for Gloucester and Rockport

Rockport Town Reports

Rockport, Town Centennial Committee, 1940

Rocks and Pebbles, Rockport High School Yearbooks

Role of Finnish Immigrants - Lanesville, 1870-1957, David F. Hayes, 1958

Ships Registers of Gloucester, 1789-1875, Stephen Willard Phillips, 1944

Sylvester Ahola, the Gloucester Gabriel, Dick Hill, 1993

Town Proprietors of the New England Colonies by Roy Hidemichi Akagi, 1924

Whos Who in America,1980-2004


Allings Ancestors Descendants & Close Relations, Robert Babson Alling, 1959

Avery, Raymond, Elwood James Thacher, 1984

Babson Genealogy, George W. Chamberlain, 1934

Beyea Genealogy,Maurice E. Peck, 1981

Bishop/Burroughs Families,Evelyn C. Lane, 1991

Carrier/Currier Families,Evelyn C. Lane, 1991

DAR Patriot Index and DAR Patriot Index to Spouses of DAR Patriots

Descendants of John Porter of Windsor, Conn. - Vol. 2,Henry Porter Andrews, 1893

Descendants of Michael Gaffney, Mary H. Sibbalds, 1998

Dictionary of American Family Names, Vol, 1-3, Patrick Hanks, 2003

Divided Hearts - Mass. Loyalists, 1765-1790,David E. Maas, ed., 1980

Erasmus Stevens, Eugene R. Stevens, 1914

First Settlers of New England, James Savage, 1990

Founders of Early American Families, Meredith B. Colket, Jr., 2002

Great Migration - Immigrants to New England 1634 - 1635, Robert Charles Anderson, 2003

Great Migration Begins, Robert Charles Anderson, 1995 - 2001

Heads of Family, 1st Maine Census, 1790, U.S. Govt. Printing Office, 1998

Heads of Family, 1st Massachusetts Census, 1790, U.S. Govt. Printing Office, 1998

Heads of Family, 1st New Hampshire Census, 1790, U.S. Govt. Printing Office, 1998

Lane Genealogies, Vol. 1, J. Chapman, J. Fitts, 1891

Lane Genealogies, Vol. 2 & 3,James Fitts, 1897, 1902

Maine Families in 1790, Vol. 1-8

Mass. And Maine Families, Walter Goodwin Davis, 1996

Mayflower Families

Milham's Family Reunion, Elwood James Thacher, 1977

New England Marriages prior to 1700,Clarence Almon Torrey

New Loyalist Index 1 & 3,Paul J. Bunnell, 1989

Nurse/Esty Families,Evelyn C. Lane, 1991

Physicians of Essex Cty.,Russell L. Jackson, 1948

Pioneer Voices - The Peabody Family over Eleven Generations, Cynthia Peabody Anderson, 1999

Proctor Family in Early Massachusetts,Evelyn C. Lane, 1991

Progeny of William Cleaves, Eleanor Spiller, 1987

Putnams of Salem Village, Harold Putnam, 1997

Research in Rowe Search, Kenneth Allyn Rowe, 1980

Rockport, Mass. Baptisms, 1755-1808, 5th Parish, Essex Antiquarian, 1898

Sons of the American Revolution, 1962-1982, Harry L. Walen, ed., 1985

Supplement and 2nd Supplement to Torrey's New England Marriages prior to 1700, Melinde Lutz Sanborn

Tarr Family Genealogy, 1985

Thacher Families, Elwood James Thacher, 1979

Thacher Quarterly, Elwood James Thacher

Thacher, Anthony, Elwood James Thacher, 1986

Thacher, Moses, Samuel, Elwood James Thacher, 1976

Thacher, Thomas, Elwood James Thacher, 1978

Town Proprietors of the New England Colonies by Roy Hidemichi Akagi, 1924

Vital Records to 1850 for all Massachusetts cities and towns

Who's Who in America,1980-2004


Bedrock Geologic Map - Gloucester & Rockport, Ipswich, Marblehead, 1991

Insurance Map of Rockport, Mass., Sanborn Map Co.


DAR Magazine 1995-present

Early American Life 1973-1986

Essex Genealogist 1982?-

Essex Life 1981-1985

Genealogical Quarterly Magazine, Salem Press, 1990

Genealogy Bulletin 1996-1998

Gloucester Magazine 1978-1981

Heritage Quest 1990-

Historic New England

Historical Journal of Mass. 1984-1994

Mayflower Quarterly 1989-1998

New England Ancestors

New England Historical and Genealogical Register 1903 - present

New England Living 1990-1991

New England Monthly 1985-1990

North Shore Life 1985-1991

Old House Journal 1991-1998

Pinellas Genealogist 1994-1999

Rockport Anchor 1950-