Adult Summer Reading 2024

Summer Reading 2024: Read, Renew Repeat! - Eisenhower Public Library

June 17th – August 31st

This year’s Summer Reading Challenge theme is Read, Renew, Repeat! The Rockport Public Library is encouraging our community to connect with nature and our collections. This year, we’re offering a raffle with challenges like “Read a book published the year you were born,” and “Read a book with the ocean or beach on the cover,” you can live out this year’s theme through the library. Additionally, you can check out our curated book displays at the library, or our booklists online for some inspiration!


How Do I Get Started?

  • Pick up your Summer Reading Challenge “Raffle Tickets” from the library or print the packet here!
  • Complete any of the 24 challenges you like, in whatever order you like!
    • To complete a challenge, read or listen to a title in one of the 24 challenges
    • Fill out your corresponding “Summer Reading Raffle Ticket” square with the title, author, and rating. Fill out your contact information.
    • Post the Raffle ticket half with your book read on the display board (to give others some great reads and find some more great reads yourself) and put the other half with your contact information into the box.
    • If not in person, library staff will fill out a ticket for you. You can call the library at 978-546-6934, email the information or a photo/scan of your raffles to
    • You earn one raffle ticket for each challenge completed, and every time you enter, you are eligible to win a weekly raffle prize.

We will draw for raffle wins at the end of each week. We will contact the winners on Saturdays starting June 28th and ending August 31st. To enter, just complete a challenge!

2024 Summer Reading Challenges

1. Read a book that a movie was based on

2. Read a book published the year you were born

3. Read a book with an ocean or beach scene on the cover

4. Read a sci-fi book about climate preparedness

5. Read a young adult book

6. Read the first book in a new series

7. Read a book that supports self-care (something that will soothe your soul)

8. Read a micro-history book about a plant, animal, or a piece of nature

9. Read a book about someone born in the same month as you

10. Read a book under 150 pages

11. Re-read a book that you read (or didn’t read) in high school

12. Read a book on the summer reading challenge display

13. Read a book with a one-word title

14. Read a book published in 2024

15. Read a book about a hobby or sport you enjoy

16. Read a book that is set in a place to which you would like to travel

17. Read a book recommended by a friend (all librarians are your friend!)

18. Read a book in second or third person

19. Read a book with the word “weather” or a weather event in the title (Hurricane, Blizzard, Black Sun, Drizzle, etc.)

20. Read a book written by an LGBTQ+ author

21. Read a book with a yellow spine

22. Read a book set during a holiday you do not celebrate

23. Read a book nominated for an award

24. Read a book with more than 30 chapters


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