Browse our free book cart courtesy of the Friends of the Library!


It’s hard to believe, but it has now been over a year since the last time the Friends of the Library were able to host a library book sale. In the time since that sale we’ve amassed a lot of books that needed to pulled from our collection to make room for newer things. Our storage section has long been completely full, and since we still can’t be sure of when we’ll be able to host a sale again, we’ve decided with permission from the Friends of the Library to give some of these books to you: our faithful patrons! 

At our back porch pickup station we’ve added a cart of books which you can take for free when you come to pick up or drop off library materials. The cart has a constantly changing mix of books available, from popular fiction to periodicals to non-fiction (at this moment there’s a large selection of gardening books available). Come by and browse it today!

The cart also has registration forms for anyone looking to join the Friends of the Library. The Friends are a wonderful, dynamic group that advocates and raises funds for the Rockport Public Library. It’s thanks to their hard work and generosity that the Library has been able to offer outstanding programming and services, ranging from author talks to museum passes and scholarship opportunities. If you love the library and have been looking for a way to contribute to its success, consider joining the Friends!