FREE Online Monthly Meditation begins July 30th at 7PM


Join us for a free educational seminar about the benefits of meditation.  We will be offering a monthly lecture via Zoom, and each month a new presenter will share a unique perspective on meditation and how it has made a major impact on his/her life.

We begin on TUESDAY, JULY 30th at 7PM with long-time meditator, author, and illustrator, Eileen Carlotto with Detox Your Mind Through Meditation.  Eileen will share about detoxing our minds so we can improve our thought patterns, which in turn will calm the mind and bring about mental wellness and inner peace.  Join Eileen Carlotto to learn how to implement a simple yet very powerful meditation technique that could change your life.

On THURSDAY, AUGUST 15TH at 7PM, Dr. Matthew Raider, a physician specializing in geriatrics will talk about Meditation and the Near Death Experience.  Sharing the latest medical research, he will help attendees discover a simple, natural way to connect with the inner light talked about by those who have experienced a NDE. Through a simple, time-honored method of meditation, you too can explore those realms of peace within you.

As we transition from summer to fall, our monthly seminar on THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 19TH at 7PM will be on Reducing Anxiety Through Meditation.  Understanding life in today’s world may feel stressful to people who are anxious about their health, safety, and ability to secure work, Arlene Samsel will share her experiences as a long-time meditator and offer a short guided meditation to help relieve stress and anxiety.

Each monthly online seminar is free and will include a brief guided meditation at its conclusion.  These seminars will not be recorded, so please carve out the time on your calendar be fully present.

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