FREE Virtual events this week for our adult patrons!


Join us Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday for this week’s line up of NEW online events via Zoom!

Wednesday, April 17th @ 7:00PM – Cooking with Scraps demonstration

Do you feel bad about throwing away or even composting food scraps that could be used?  Well, feel guilty no more!  Lindsay-Jean Hardcookbook author and sustainability warrior, and Amy Emberling, Managing Partner of Zingerman’s Bakehouse, are here to help us learn how we can make use of those scraps, keep them out of landfills, and still have enough left-over for our compost pile!

Thursday, April 18th @ 7PM – Introduction to Astrology

Get ready to explore the mysteries of the cosmos at our upcoming astrology workshop!  Stargaze from the comfort of your couch via Zoom with Mindful Dose.  Discover the foundational principles of Astrology, explore the intricate cycles of planets and zodiac signs, and connect with our vibrant community.  This is a free workshop through the library’s Bold Yoga program.  For login to more from Bold Yoga, contact the library or email:

Saturday, April 20 @ 11AM – Introduction to Mindfulness


Mindfulness is a great way to alleviate stress, develop more creativity, and cultivate more peace in your life. The practice can be added to any lifestyle and can be done anywhere. No special equipment or skills needed.

Come and learn how to use your breath, mind, and body as tools to help you be more present and peaceful even during times of stress. This hour-long *virtual* mindfulness workshop with guided meditation will provide a great introduction and experiential learning opportunity.

Be sure to have the application downloaded onto your phone or computer a few minutes before each event.  Visit our events page for more information and to register.